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イギリスMawsonia社のGlobal Corporate Venturing誌に、弊社資金調達の内容が掲載されました。(※記事閲覧には会員登録が必要です) " EXest, the Japan-based owner of tour guide matchmaking platform WOW U, raised an undisclosed amount from investors including media companies Chukyo Television Broadcasting, Fukuoka Broadcasting, and TV Niigata Broadcasting Network, recruitment firm Concord Executive Group, Mizuho Capital, Hiroshima Venture Capital and Daishi Management Consulting on Monday. It had received $460,000 from Mizuho Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, SMBC Venture Capital, broadcaster Shinhiroshima Telecasting and Concord CEO Hidekazu Watanabe on March 2018."


ガイドと訪日旅行者をマッチングするプラットフォームWOW Uを運営するEXest社が、資金調達を実施


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