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The next generation of AI advises inbound travelers to Japan on the best destinations by discovering

(Tokyo, Japan) (Feb. 27, 2019) - EXest Inc. has officially launched the “Konomy AI travel consultant”. The system uses AI technology to help foreign travelers to Japan discover their needs and make personalized recommendations about where to visit. Konomy analyzes users’ preferences by checking it against a large and growing database of users and matching it with the most relevant tourist spots. Konomy is a function of EXest’s WOW U platform which matches travelers and guides. After receiving personalized recommendations for which destinations in Japan to visit, travelers can choose to directly book tours of these spots with professional, local guides.

Figure 1: Konomy Questions

Figure 1. Konomy Questions

How do you search for travel information when you are traveling to a country for the first time? How do you find places to visit and activities to try when you don’t know much about the destination? The internet and guidebooks provide lots of useful information, but most of the time you can only search based on your prior knowledge, such as through keywords and categories you are already familiar with. This makes it difficult to find what you are really looking for - the unfamiliar and exciting that exceeds your expectations.

By not relying on your previous knowledge, Konomy can help you find the travel destinations in Japan that will really leave an impression on you. All you need to do is respond to 7 simple questions. Currently, Konomy selects places to visit from a database of more than 360 tourist spots covering all 47 prefectures in Japan, but the number is planned to increase to 2,000.

Figure 2. Konomy Result Sample

Figure 3. Konomy Result Sample

Travelers can try Konomy by accessing the WOW U website ( or visiting the Konomy page directly (

Figure 4. Konomy Questions

You can start here - it’s free:

Figure5. Konomy Analysis

As the number of tourists coming to Japan every year is about to exceed 30 million, personalized travel plans that take into account diverse travel and dining needs are increasingly important. AI will assist in this purpose, providing an unprecedented level of personalization and customization that saves travelers’ time and meets their diverse needs.

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About EXest Inc.

CEO: Yukihiro Nakabayashi

EXest Inc. is a Tokyo-based travel company that aims to connect people who would not otherwise be able to meet by introducing inbound visitors to lesser-known places, food and culture in Japan and connecting them with local guides. Its mission is to contribute to local revitalization and internationalization in Japan. Its activities include running WOW U, a C2C tour platform, and WOW U-media which produces videos and articles together with local broadcasters and writers throughout Japan and beyond.

EXest’s corporate website (Japanese):

WOW U (English):

WOW U-media (English):

WOW U-media on Facebook (English):

Office Location: 204, Grand Maison Ebisu Higashi, 3-25-4, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0011, JAPAN

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